Five Different Customer Types and How to Market to Them

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How much time do you spend thinking about your product’s features or benefits? Consider paying the same amount of attention to your customer base. To analyze them, segment them according to your customer life cycle to see how each group is both distinctive and valuable.

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How We Serve a Great Brand Experience

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At the table, on the road, and online, the team works hard to give your customers an unforgettable experience. From innovative menus and Verified Diner Reviews to savings at popular restaurants across America, our incentives are a perfect pairing for your brand.

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Gift Cards vs. Cash Incentives

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While cash is king in a number of scenarios, when it comes to customer loyalty and incentives, the Incentive Gift Card Council shows us that cash takes a backseat to gift cards.

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Incentives Are a Hot Property for Brokers & Agents

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Good relationships make for better business. In real estate and insurance, clients expect a lot of personalized attention from their agents. An impressive 60% of customers claim to often or always pay more for a better service experience.[i] Thoughtful incentive programs help elevate service levels and nurture real estate and insurance business relationships.

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A Christmas Marketing Plan: It’s Time to Get Festive

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Most enterprise businesses already have their Christmas marketing programs ready to roll. What about your business? While it’s not too late to make a plan for a successful holiday season, it’s the most wonderful time of year to start.600x150_mi-hb-nl-june-1 [Read More…]

Dining Deals are the Delicious Incentive

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Incentives: The Boarding Pass to a Stronger Travel Business

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Leisure travelers spent $650.8 billion in the U.S. in 2015.(1) To get sales to really take off, travel businesses need to offer unique value and an excellent experience. Incentives can help meet both those business goals…they’re just the ticket for the travel industry.

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Incentives Put Online E-Tailers On Top

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Shoppers are always looking for something new. Keep them engaged and coming back with strategically chosen incentives. Today, we’re offering up incentives best-practices that deliver for e-commerce. They include using incentives to cost-effectively complement free shipping and discounts, and add budget-friendly variety into your marketing mix.

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Join Us This June at IRCE, IPW Shows

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See for yourself how incentives boost business and get a FREE $100 Card. Come visit us at the Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition in Chicago June 7-10, and the U.S. Travel Association IPW in New Orleans June 18-22. Make an appointment to stop by our booth for your FREE card.600x300_TradeShows [Read More…]

Good Causes: Good for Business

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When your business gives to organizations in your community, it’s good for your customers and ultimately for your bottom line. There are a variety of ways to use Cards to make a difference—and build your brand. 

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