Incentives Put Online E-Tailers On Top

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Shoppers are always looking for something new. Keep them engaged and coming back with strategically chosen incentives. Today, we’re offering up incentives best-practices that deliver for e-commerce. They include using incentives to cost-effectively complement free shipping and discounts, and add budget-friendly variety into your marketing mix. [Read More…]

Join Us This June at IRCE, IPW Shows

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See for yourself how incentives boost business and get a FREE $100 Card. Come visit us at the Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition in Chicago June 7-10, and the U.S. Travel Association IPW in New Orleans June 18-22. Make an appointment to stop by our booth for your FREE card. [Read More…]

Good Causes: Good for Business

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When your business gives to organizations in your community, it’s good for your customers and ultimately for your bottom line. There are a variety of ways to use Cards to make a difference—and build your brand.  [Read More…]

Incentive Techniques and Tips

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Today’s incentive market is full of choices. So it’s important to choose wisely with incentives that appeal to the tastes of your customer base, while fulfilling a variety of goals for your business, from branding and loyalty to increased revenue. [Read More…]

Incentives That Hit the Road

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How do you get your customers to pack your brand in their bags? With the new Dine + Travel Pass incentive package that encourages higher spend, rewards loyalty and attracts new customers. It’s an incentive that goes the distance.

Dine & Travel Pass image

[Read More…]

Business-building News That’s Easy to Digest

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Welcome to the first edition of Food for Thought from, the newsletter dedicated to nourishing your business. Each month, you’ll find helpful nuggets to help you motivate, market and win over your customers at every point of the sales process.

Energize your business each month

• Incentive news and stories

• Useful sales and marketing tips

• Product updates

• Inspiring case studies

• Upcoming tradeshows and events

This first edition, we’ll focus on the many ways helps businesses like you. Next month, you’ll find incentive news from all areas of the industry.Get ready to grow! Enjoy this first issue of Food for Thought and watch for more incentive news you can use each month. And, you can learn more about Incentives here.


The Incentive Team

Our Recipe for High Response

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Discover incentives that win over consumers and boost response for any industry or business. Whether you’re looking for new customers, rewarding the loyal or shaping behavior, see how one meal can consistently serve success.


[Read More…]

Rewarding Loyal Travelers

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For most businesses, it takes a thoughtful recipe of promotion and relevance to turn periodic purchasers into loyal customers.

For example, Mileage Plus, the award-winning reward program of United Airlines® had a growing number of fliers who were accruing miles but not enough to reach the “free-flight” tier.

.mileage_plus_united_large [Read More…]

Convincing Customers to Go Paperless

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The business benefits of reducing your use of paper are incredible—no matter what type or what size business you have. From improving organization, security and simplifying record retrieval to lowering day-to-day costs, it simply makes sense.

While going paperless is beneficial for consumers too, it may take a little—or even a lot—of convincing for them to do so. We’ve put together some ideas to help you get them to sign up and toss paper for good. [Read More…]

Gift Cards vs. Cash Incentives

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While cash is king in a number of scenarios, when it comes to customer loyalty and incentives, the Incentive Gift Card Council shows us that cash takes a backseat to gift cards.

Create Experience

Whether it’s picking out an item and using it, taking the family to dinner or going to an event—gift cards create an experience that will be remembered long after a cash bonus is spent. What’s more, the company who delivered the experience will also be remembered.

Increase Participation

Brands gets a boost when aligned with gift cards. By offering gift cards, brands gain awareness, which leads to greater participation. But choose wisely, consumers will also categorize the brand with not only the gift card provider…but with the products and servers the gift card ultimately provides.

Boost Word of Mouth

When someone earns an incentive, it’s much more interesting to tell how they used a gift card than how they paid bills with cash. This means that more people will talk about and share their gift card experience, making it even more attractive to others.

Deliver a Higher Value

As a final note, gift card incentives can also be less expensive to purchase than the amount written on the card, unlike cash, which is the exact amount. This means that gift card incentives can actually cost less than cash…and deliver more and better benefits. For instance, a $25 Card can be purchased for as little as $4.25 (bulk discount), but it still offers the full $25 value to the customer.

What do you think? Do gift cards rule the incentive space? Or is cash still king?