3 Simple Ways to Keep Employee Productivity High


The more productive your employees are, the stronger your business can become. But in today’s incredibly high tech and hectic world, the real challenge is in finding ways to keep your employees focused, motivated and performing to their full potential.


Consider three key ways to make sure your team’s productivity remains high:

1.  Autonomy works wonders:

Especially in these multi-tasking times when personal and professional pressures run rampant, flexibility and the ability to be the master of your own destiny is often a key ingredient for success. Just ask any working Mom. The more freedom one has to structure their time and prioritize tasks in a way that suits their schedule, typically the more that can be accomplished. In fact, “A century of research into productivity shows that a major way to improve (results) is autonomy,” according to Inc magazine. And, organizational psychologist, Dustin Jundt, agrees, “[Greater autonomy] can lead to lower turnover and higher levels of creativity, innovation, and even performance”.  

2.  Reward excellent results:

Another important way to encourage optimal employee productivity is to recognize and reward those who achieve clearly defined goals. Be it number of calls made, number of sales closed, or some other quantifiable way to measure success, rewarding those who deliver or exceed expectations can be a powerful tool you can use to enhance overall productivity. Rewards can take many forms but those found to be most influential include sales incentive tools such as valuable gift cards, merchandise, or peer recognition. As found in recent research conducted by the Incentive Research Foundation, “Incentives increase performance by boosting the value people assign to work goals, causing them to make stronger commitments to those goals and achieve them.

3.  Make work meaningful:

Last but not least, nothing inspires top performance more than meaningful work. “Everybody wants to be proud of where they work, to feel that they are investing the most precious thing they have–time–in something that matters.” The more you can, “create direct links between the success of the business and the community you serve,” the more successful you’’ll be. Better yet, if achieving your business goals satisfies a higher purpose, employees will be inspired to work harder and smarter because they are invested in the outcome.

Used in combination, you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve!