A Christmas Marketing Plan: It’s Time to Get Festive


Most enterprise businesses already have their Christmas marketing programs ready to roll. What about your business? While it’s not too late to make a plan for a successful holiday season, it’s the most wonderful time of year to start.600x150_mi-hb-nl-june-1


First, review your holiday history, do some market research, and budget your time and money for the campaign.

– Look at how well your business did last holiday season. Find areas to improve, and practices you should repeat. Then, comparison shop; look at what your competitors did last year.

– This is a great time to ask your customers about their holiday wish lists. Perhaps by doing a survey, months before the notion of holiday shopping is just too stressful to address—and when your survey won’t get lost in the holiday clutter.

– Brainstorm gifts you can give your customers as gesture of appreciation for the year’s business or an incentive for them to buy from you this holiday season.


Take the ideas you’ve strategized in your planning phase and work on executing them.

– Start now at developing your holiday emails, ads, and newsletters. Get your writing done now, so you can focus on the workings of your business later.

– Consider a holiday update to your homepage or adding touches across your whole website. A festive theme will bring news and excitement to your digital presence.

– Create a promotional calendar to plan events like daily deals and email offers…events that keep people coming back to see what’s next.


Start showing your customers what you’ve got–well before Black Friday. In fact, many businesses begin holiday marketing just after Halloween.

– Launch online marketing in early autumn and maintain through November. Give your customers time to take in your offers and incorporate your great gift and entertaining ideas into their own planning.

– Get people in the holiday mood with teaser messaging, early-bird promotions and advance order opportunities.

– Put emphasis on early-season tactics. You’ll bring out the customers who might have slipped through the cracks last holiday season, and spread your business out earlier to avoid being overwhelmed by a last-minute rush. And, you’ll get ahead of your competition.

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