Back to School Already? Time to Plan Your Fall Fundraisers



Fundraising is practically a rite of passage for schoolchildren: selling Girl Scout Cookies for your local troop, garbage bags for the Boy Scout den, cookie dough for a marching band trip or endless rolls of wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions for the charity cause du jour.

Whether you went door to door hawking your wares, broke into your dad’s Rolodex or ran down the school calling tree, chances are you’ve had to endure a season of fundraisers selling this and that to people eager to support the cause — but less enthusiastic about the stuff inevitably headed their way afterward.

Well, it’s time to head back to school, and though the causes may change from year to year, the need to fundraise remains. Start planning your fall fundraisers NOW — and give everyone involved something to be excited about! Here are a few tips from our Incentives team to refresh you for fall 2013.

Fall fundraising tip #1: Throw a kickoff bash

Whether you’re raising money for a school club, religious organization, neighborhood cause or something else, everyone loves a party! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to throw an event that inspires people to give — and tell everyone they know about your cause.

Have plenty of literature on hand — maybe even multimedia displays — to help people understand what you’re raising money for, as well as samples of everything you’re selling to give them an idea of what they’ll get in exchange for donating to the cause.


Fall fundraising tip #2: Tell everyone

Don’t limit your outreach to people directly within your network. Write up a press release on what you’re doing to support the organization you’re raising money for, and offer it up to local media — you never know who will want to help you tell your story!

Or, at the very least, promote your cause through social media. Facebook and Twitter can go a long way, especially if you work to reach people who can help spread your message far beyond your network. (Reporters and news organizations are all on social media, by the way…kill two birds with one stone!)


Fall fundraising tip #3: Build relationships throughout the year

You know that person who only comes to you when they need something? You don’t like that guy. Don’t be that guy! (People can smell “that guy” from a mile away.)

Truly successful fundraisers work to stay involved with their communities and help out other causes throughout the year, so when they start looking for help in supporting their own causes, it’s a given that others would lend a hand and open their wallets.


Our final tip? Surprise people by selling something they really want. Forget the magazines and cookie dough — well, maybe a little cookie dough; it is delicious. Gift Cards are a fantastic option for fundraising. (Just like everyone loves a party, who doesn’t love treating themselves to a night on the town?)

It’s simple: Sell a $50 Gift Card for $20 and keep up to $10 from each one sold. There’s a good chance a restaurant near you is participating in our program, they never expire, and unlike many other fundraising products, they have a broad, year-round appeal.

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