Share This: Case Study of Budweiser’s World Series Video


Welcome to Share This, our new blog series featuring share-worthy marketing stories from around the nation. Our first story features Google’s excellent case study about the Chicago Cubs’ World Series victory and Budweiser’s incredible celebratory ad campaign.

How would you turn a national event into a successful campaign for your company? This case study from Google, shows how Budweiser hit its home run.

1. Authenticity: The campaign shares moments of real fans and celebrations in defining moments—and includes vintage Harry Caray, the Cubs’ colorful announcer who died in 1998.

2. Agility: No one knew if the Cubs or Cleveland Indians would win! So the team had to act quickly, and establish a great hook—for both scenarios, we bet.

3. Digital-first Thinking: The team launched multiple versions of the ad and used real-time analytics to determine which version to support.

See the Budweiser campaign and case study here>> Full disclosure, we watched the video more than a few times.

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