Capture the Power of “Thank You!”


Showing your gratitude customers isn’t just kind, it can be an extremely cost-effective business strategy. In fact, expressing thanks to customers, the community and other stakeholders pays off for all parties, elevating both happiness levels and ROI. (1)

Come December, people will be overwhelmed with holiday cards and salutations. So we think Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your thanks while building your business.


  1. Perk up Their Day

Offering an incentive or special discount is an obvious answer. However, to build loyalty and brand preference, it must be memorable, of value to your customer and representative of your brand.

You can also focus your gratitude on just a few customers with a sweepstakes or give-away. This provides fewer customers with larger (perhaps game-changing) gifts and creates brand-building stories story you can share via social media.

  1. Support a Charity

Giving back is good for business in a variety of ways. From building your brand’s reputation and business connections, to inspiring employees and making your community a better place to live, philanthropy is always a good idea.

Whether you start small with a local charity or go with a nationally known organization, be sure to choose a cause that is relevant to your customers’ lives and, if possible, your business. You’ll find suggestions on how to choose a cause here.

  1. Send a Personal Note

Consider an old-school card or note (hand-written if possible) that tells your customers how much you appreciate their business. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, it just needs to thank them for their confidence in you…and remind them to keep you in mind for the future. And they will. Notes are a simple, positive interaction that shows you care. (3) Besides, everyone loves personal snail mail.

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