Will a Restaurant.com Incentive Work for my Business?

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Of course it will! Whether you are a family-run business or a large corporation, our unique incentive and loyalty solutions are proven to entice customers to act. With our low cost and high value solution, the powerful incentive from Restaurant.com has helped thousands of businesses meet and exceed their goals. From attracting new customers, changing consumer behavior, inspiring buyers to act quickly, and rewarding for loyalty, our partners have achieved great results. [Read More…]

Five Companies That Use Incentives to Encourage Environmentally Friendly Behavior

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From the perspective of both the marketer and the consumer, I can’t help but love a good incentive promotion.  These little delights encourage customer loyalty, reward referrals and are a great way of saying “thank you” to regular patrons.

Lately, I’ve noticed that some of my favorite brands are using incentives to drive different types of actions.  Specifically, many brands are using incentives to drive Earth-friendly APR5_shutterstock_121767160behavior.  In a world where a brand’s corporate social responsibility is often as important as the quality of its products and services, this is an incentive strategy that’s worth considering.

Here are five leading brands that wisely offer incentives in exchange for environmentally friendly behavior (and promote spending dollars with them at the same time!)

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