How Incentives Motivate Staff

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This past weekend, I was enjoying some unseasonably warm temperatures in the suburbs of Chicago.  Seeing that it’s early in the calendar year and we’re in the low 40s, I could afford to get outside and enjoy a bit of this rare good fortune.

My neighbor was out on his driveway, and I thought I would walk over and say hello.  He manages a large sales team and was talking about their rewards incentive program being the biggest and most grandiose that he’s ever seen in his 14 years with the company.  Knowing I’m in sales, too, he was quick to share the details of what he’s been witness to.

While they are a multimillion dollar company, they haven’t paid much attention to staff promotional incentives until the past few years.  In 2009, the reward for the top monthly sales winners (those in the leading 10 percentile) was a $75 pay bonus.  In 2010, that prize moved to $100 and stayed there in 2011.

But for 2012, his company is hoping that major monthly, quarterly and yearly business incentives will spur on the sales team.  The monthly prize is $250; the quarterly prize is two round-trip airline tickets; and the annual prize is a week in Paris, accommodations and airfare.

The company’s intentions were spot on and January sales are through the roof.  The sales team is captivated and driven by rewards in an exponential fashion.  He remarked that he’s never seen anything like it.  There are alliances among team members, aggressive (yet appropriate) weekly goals, and a healthy intensity he’s never seen.

What was remarkable was that sales were in good shape before they were amped up to this level.  The team appreciated the smaller prizes and were still motivated to do excellent work.  He mentioned a bit of wisdom that stuck with me.

“I’m glad we didn’t get crazy with these sales incentives early on in our program. I really credit the slow build to where we are today.  It’s a decisive year for our industry and the need to do well is very present.  It’s my intent to keep it at this level and slowly escalate it again down the road.  But if you’re just starting out, don’t go in guns a-blazing!” isn’t offering you Paris-level rewards.  But what we do have are monthly and quarterly incentives large enough to capture the attention of your team to turn up their game a notch in an effort to win a great reward.

On my short walk home, I wondered if a trip to Paris would motivate me.  Sure it would, but for right now, a warm winter in Chicago is all I need to get me moving.

What Amount Should You Allocate for Incentive Programs

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Some companies ask us how much they should be spending on their business incentive programs. However, it is not for us to decide. There are several things you’ll need to take into account before you come up with a budget for the program.

Three factors, generally decide the amount you’ll need to spend on your incentive program:

1.  Number of participants: This factor is pretty self-explanatory. The larger the number of participants your program, the more you’ll need to spend. For instance, a company targeting a consumer base in the millions cannot afford to operate on a budget of a few hundred dollars or even a couple of thousand for that matter.

2.  Length of the program: The longer you run your program, the more you’ll have to spend to keep people aware and the enthusiasm going.

3.  Expected results: Realistically establish your expectations and then decide on a budget.

Define a goal, decide the amount you wish to allocate towards achieving that goal and then get in touch with for the best results that a gift card program can get you. Not only are our gift card solutions effective, they are also very economically viable. Fill in the Request information form for more details or visit our website.

Employee Satisfaction Versus Employee Happiness

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There are many satisfied employees and not enough happy ones. There is a huge difference between housing satisfied employees versus happy employees within your company’s premises.

1.  Happy employees perform several times better than satisfied ones. A recent research study by Gallup looked at the difference between “great” salespeople and average ones. They found that great performers performed anywhere from four to ten times better than average ones and were invariably happier with their jobs.

2.  Satisfied employees will not hesitate to move on to greener pastures. Happy ones will stay on and be unflinchingly loyal.

3.  Happy employees perform better, bring in more profits, drive more sales and improve consumer interactions – thus helping your business to succeed.

It isn’t difficult to convert satisfied employees to happy ones. What is needed is acknowledgment and business recognition. Do you acknowledge and encourage your employees’ good performance? Do you ensure easy flow of communication that would enable better trust? Does your business boast of an atmosphere that anyone would love to be a part of? Gift Cards can help you with your corporate recognition programs. You can also choose to influence your employees’ behavior and performance using these gift card as work incentives. To learn more, please contact us.

Build Employee Excitement With Incentive Award Programs

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If you are running rewards programs for employees to increase their performance or output, it is important to keep the program at the forefront of your employees’ thought process on a daily basis. Nothing is more disturbing than implementing a recognition motivation plan and then it failing due to a lack of interest. Busy days of work can also cause employees to forget about the plan so if they are to get excited about it, then managers need to continually convey this excitement as well.

One of the worse ways to implement a plan is to just type it out on plain paper and hand the flyers out at a meeting. While certainly having something in writing is necessary to explain the program, it will not be enough to get employees ready and excited about participating over the long term.

You can build excitement by naming the incentive award program with a catchy title. Use it frequently in meetings and informally when speaking to employees around the office. Use the title as a headline in employee newsletters. Create office teams to get groups of people working together toward whatever incentive goal has been created by management. Team work and cooperation will develop and employees will enjoy the friendly competition among office teams.

Make sure to create easy to reach and stretch goals so that employees can experience success. People are motivated by quick rewards so rather than making one large, lofty goal be sure to break down performance goals into smaller segments and give awards when each step is met. Gift Cards make a perfect incentive reward for your employees. They will love the food, and you will love the motivation of your staff as they work to attain the cards as their performance prize. Contact us today to learn more about our employee incentive programs.

What Factors Do You Consider When You Craft An Incentive Program

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Crafting a business incentive program is not as easy as it seems, nor is it as difficult as some make it out to be. There are certain factors you and your company need to be clear about and you’ll be good to go. Here are the factors that most typical company incentive programs need to address to get off to a flying start.


1.  Goal: Knowing what you are working towards is extremely important. What is it that you want to achieve at the end of your incentive program – increase in sales, attendance or performance? You company could have its own specific goal. It could be anything – as long as you are clear about what it is. It is the goal you’ve set for your incentive program which will dictate the other factors.


2.  Target Audience: Identify your target audience, their size, their demographics, their geographics – each of these can influence the reward you select and the way you administer your program.


3.  Budget: Unless you have a well defined budget, it is very easy to far exceed your company’s resources for an incentive program and end up with results that cost you more than they delivered.


4.  The Reward: Finally, choose the rewards you’d give at the culmination of the program. Choose with care and ensure that it is something that will equally motivate all the participants within your target audience.


At, we can help you out with the fourth factor. Get in touch with us to know more about our solutions and how you can implement them.

Why Use Gift Card Rewards for Your Business

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For managers seeking to create employee incentive programs, there are countless methods to utilize for implementing successful programs that motivate employees and reward performance efforts. Companies are fast embracing gift card promotions as a preferred method for the following reasons:

1) Lower Costs
Gift cards are an affordable incentive solution that saves time and money. The added benefit is that they do not require a lot of time to manage orders or inventory thus making them an ideal solution for busy company administrators.

2) Value
Gift card solutions deliver high value for relatively low costs. Companies that offer our gift cards find that their employees appreciate fine dining at a large selection of restaurants and will work to achieve goals tied to receiving them. Our $25 gift certificates cost less than $5 making them an affordable choice for companies watching their incentive budgets.

3) Quick Turnaround
Processing orders for our gift cards are quick and easy. We offer electronic certificates that can be sent by email and redeemed online. Our gift cards can be customized to advertise company branding, and the gift certificates make an ideal presentation for performance awards, thank you gifts and special events.

4) Multiple Uses
Our gift program offers flexibility for companies to use as sales incentives, customer rewards and employee recognition. With so many ways to use the card, using Gift Cards in your business is limited only by your imagination.

Contact us today to learn more about adding our incentive and loyalty solutions to your company’s reward program. Your employees and customers will thank you.

Acknowledge Employees With Fun Dining Incentives

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Coming up with employee motivation ideas to increase job performance or to create sales promotion tools to increase sales numbers is much more complicated than in years past where companies just handed out gold pens or certificates of achievement. Employees need something more tangible or useful to bring out their internal drive to perform at or above standards set by management.

Our fast, technologically advanced society thrives on quick results and instant gratification so much so that finding ways to help employees feel appreciated and satisfied with their work environment can be challenging. Staff still want acknowledgment of their achievements and results while at the same time they want to see that management truly appreciates their efforts.

And while cash can certainly be a motivator in today’s tough economic climate, in many instances, employees will feel that cash bonuses are more just part of their pay rather than an incentive to achieve better results or an award for getting a job completed before a deadline. Quite simply cash bonuses will not be remembered, and if employees don’t remember the reason behind the payment, then the incentive award program will not be successful and in most cases will be entirely forgotten.

So, what should managers do to create an effective incentive program that encourages results, recognizes achievements and provides enough reward to be remembered and actually worked toward?

Well, one route that has been completely successful for our clients is our Gift Card program. Employees love them because they are able to go out with friends and family, enjoy great dining and have fun. That’s an incentive program that every employee will remember for a long time and actually work hard toward winning in the future. Contact us today to learn more about putting this successful program to work for your company.

Retain Employees and Clients With Rewards

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Building a business in today’s tough economy is quite a challenge. With heavy competition to win customers, companies must come up with market promotion strategies that make their organization stand out from the crowd. At the same time, businesses need to keep a high return on investment for the expense necessary to bring in new customers and retain the old ones.

Customer loyalty firms can help businesses with their customer experience management by developing programs to measure how well companies are connecting with their clients. Overall customer service satisfaction is enhanced when organizations make sure their employees are trained on how to manage clients at every point of contact. From the moment a customer contacts you by phone or walks through your company doors, it is vital that they experience superior service and genuine helpfulness from your employees.

Rewarding employees that excel in serving your customers is the first way that companies can help increase employee satisfaction while at the same time benefiting from how employees perform with clients. A happy employee will usually be motivated to make a client’s experience a good one thus creating a happy customer. When both employee and customer are satisfied with the company, then the satisfaction cycle is complete, and companies will retain both employees and clients with ease.

Offering an incentive program can help to retain existing customers by offering a little extra when they bring their repeat business to you. offers an incentive award program for both your employees and customers that will maintain satisfaction with your company and encourage employee and customer retention. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help solidify your business relationships.

Employee Recognition Quotes To Inspire and Motivate

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Clients and customers sense when things are off between employees in a business environment. In fact, how your employees work together can have a big effect on your customer’s desire to do business with your company.

Inspiring and motivating employee team members can be a challenge, yet when it is successful, an office or workplace becomes filled with cooperation and teamwork. When employees are satisfied with their jobs and happy with how the management team operates the business, job performance increases. Ultimately, this leads to overall business success for the entire company.

Take steps now to thoroughly review rewards and recognition in the workplace. Encourage managers to use motivational tools to help employees work as a team to meet company goals. Employee recognition quotes displayed on walls, written in emails or the company newsletter can set the tone for the overall mood in an office.  Encouraging your employees lets them know you recognize their efforts and value their performance.

Here are a few employee recognition quotes to get you started with leading and inspiring your employees today:

Margaret Mead:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”

Michael Jordan:  “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.”

While these quotes can bring insightful thoughts to the minds of employees and managers, a little incentive reward never hurts either. Add Gift Cards and Certificates to your employee incentive rewards. Employees love the food and will appreciate your thoughtfulness in choosing such a useful reward.

Incentive Program for Inside Sales Teams

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Getting sales people motivated can be a real challenge. Whether it is inspiring them to set more appointments or make more calls, sales managers can influence their team’s productivity and performance by offering small incentives along the way to build up to the final desired result – sales!

Business Marketing ToolsOur incentive program is a great way to get your sales team focused and on task. Everyone loves to eat, and with over 18,000 spots to dine, our Gift Card can offer quite the incentive to put less than desirable sales numbers back on track to meeting your team’s sales goals and objectives.

For inside sales teams that work mainly on the phone or in call centers, our program is a great way to get more dials and dollars. Since phone call appointment setting is based on the volume of outgoing calls and successful appointments made, you may want to reward your sales team with a gift card on a daily or weekly basis.

If you want to have a program with positive results, then offering a daily award may be what it takes to get your sales people performing successfully. If it takes 10 calls to get one appointment, then reward the sales person with the most phone calls and appointments set at the end of each day.

If your objective involves getting more appointments and sales over a longer period of time, then you could implement a weekly prize of a $25, $50 or $100 gift card awarded on Fridays or in Monday morning meetings. Points could be assigned for each appointment made daily and each one that results in a sale. At the end of the week, points are tallied and the top sales person would receive the $100 gift card, second place wins a $50 card and the third place would get a $25 card.

There are many creative ways to use our marketing promotion ideas to motivate and reward top performing sales people on your team. Contact us today to learn how to successfully implement our sales promotions solutions for your employees.