Why Are Lifestyle Incentives Best For Corporate Recognition?

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It’s human to yearn for something that one cannot have, whether consciously or subconsciously. People are more appreciative of a gift that echoes their need and fulfills it. Giving a gift or recognition award that the recipient may never use is counterproductive.

Lifestyle incentives address human needs and wants. For instance Restaurant.com Gift Cards allow recipients to eat at over 18,000 participating restaurants nationwide. Believe it or not, food is a great motivator and good food even more so. Nobody can refuse good food and with the variety of great restaurants participating with us there is something for everyone.

Companies generally tend to keep their incentives formal. While plaques and cash rewards are fine at the organizational level, more lifestyle-oriented incentives are needed at team levels. If you want more bonding and better response from employees within a team, consider starting a lifestyle incentive program. After all it’s your employees who are responsible for building customer relationships that keep your business going. It makes sense to give them what they want to get rather than what you want to give.

Recognition is very important in a corporate scenario, where optimum results are possible only if every employee gives in his/her best. If you are interested in Restaurant.com’s Gift Cards to improve return on investment for your recognition programs, get in touch with us by filling in the Request Information form.

Communicate – Let Your Target Audience Know About The Incentive Program

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If you want to see anything reach completion in a business setting, communication is essential. Starting an incentive program with the best of intentions is just that – a start. To see it move forward and reach successful culmination, you need to communicate with the target audience effectively. This post elaborates on some of the most common means of communication adopted by most companies to communicate about the corporate recognition programs they have running.

– Snail mail and e-mail: All three target groups: consumers, employees and dealers can be contacted via snail mail or email. Being the most common form of incentive promotion, many businesses swear by emails when it comes to their incentive programs.
– Advertising: To reach a wide base of potential consumers, advertising via print or electronic media is essential.
– Sales meeting: A sales meeting could be held to keep employees and dealers up to date with the incentive programs introduced by your business.
– Company newsletter: Commonly resorted to for in-house incentive programs aimed at sales or non-sales staff.
– Internet: The company website is a good platform to promote the incentive program. Social networking sites are also an excellent medium to get across to your target group.
– Bulletin board and intranet: This one works fine for employee recognition incentive programs.

If you are interested in recognition motivation or loyalty programs for your consumers, employees or dealers, get in touch with Restaurant.com. We have excellent creative promotional ideas onboard which have made it to the incentive programs of businesses across various industries.

How to Plan a Corporate Rewards Program

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Many companies have started using incentive programs for their employees. If you haven’t thought of developing a rewards program for your company, here are some reasons you should consider starting one and some tips on how to plan for an effective rewards program.

Why You Should Have an Employee Rewards Program

Giving incentives promotes loyalty among your employees, thus allowing you to keep good people in your company. If you want to change the behavior in your work place and promote healthy competition among your workers so they can perform better, a corporate rewards program will motivate them at work.

Things to keep in mind when planning an incentive program

When thinking of incentive ideas and planning your rewards program, make sure that the goals are measurable and attainable. Keep in mind that you want to create a motivational force. Setting a goal that is impossible to reach may become a set back instead of a motivation. Your goals should also be consistent with your companies values or objectives. Make sure the rules are communicated properly. It would also be a good idea to set up a schedule when employees are recognized and incentives are awarded. This will give employees a sense of pride, that they have accomplished something you and they can be proud of.

Restaurant.com’s Incentive & Loyalty Solutions offers incentive ideas you can use for your company.  Contact us today for more information on our services.

HR Uses for Employee Promotional Incentives

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When it comes to finding the perfect solution for a promotional incentive for a company department or even for an employee incentive, there are many things that just don’t work – after all, people are different and like different things.  So when it comes to gift cards, it can be difficult to know what everyone will actually like.

However, when you use a restaurant gift certificate company like Restaurant.com as a performance or business incentive, then you’re guaranteed to please every appetite.

How so?  With a Restaurant.com Gift Card, your employees can redeem their card for over 18,000 restaurants nationwide – including great local restaurants.  Therefore, your employees will not be limited as to where they can take advantage of the savings.

You’re company budget will love, for example, that you can buy a $25 Restaurant.com Gift Card for less than a cup of coffee.  So it is low cost to you, however, your employee will be able to get $25 worth of food value.  (Of course, we have higher denominations as well.)

Here’s a quick line up of how it works:

  • Choose the amount of Restaurant.com Gift Cards you want to order – from 50 to 5 million and any amount in between
  • Choose the format you want to receive your gift cards in – including electronic certificates, gift cards or paper gift certificates
  • Choose the message – you might want to promote your own brand on the card or deliver it without a message

It’s really that simple.

If you are interested in learning more about our gift card incentive program that is a win-win for everyone, please feel free to fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Dinner & Movie is a Great Consumer Incentive

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In a marketplace full of gift card incentives, Dinner & Movie™ stands out by offering consumers something more than just the gift card’s dollar value – Dinner & Movie™ offers the excitement of seeing a feature film and enjoying a fantastic meal. Each recipient can redeem Dinner & Movie™ Gift Cards for a $25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificate and two movie tickets, an estimated $50 value. Whether you’re thanking customers, attracting new ones, or recognizing employees, Dinner & Movie™ Gift Cards make a powerful and lasting impact. Plus, it’s the high results solution you’ve been looking for – with no hidden fees. Many clients use this great incentive to drive sales on specific products as well as to celebrate events with both customers and employees.