Celebrate Your Team to Build Your Business


Want to boost your business? This October 3-7, celebrate your team during Customer Service Week!

Great customer service contributes to customer satisfaction–and that generates customer loyalty, which adds to the success of your company. Best of all, delivering excellent customer service makes your employees feel good about their work.

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Put it all together and you’ll see that celebrating Customer Service can give your business a significant lift.

It Brings Your Brand to Life

Customer service is the moment in which your customers actually interact with your business. They aren’t just looking at your products or services, but speaking and working with a human being who represents your brand. Customer service is the moment of truth, when your business comes to life and engages in a relationship with the customer.

More Important than Pricing

A recent report found that poor quality service, not price, is the #1 reason for customer churn.[2] The flip-side is that greater customer satisfaction results from great customer service.

In fact, providing exceptional client support can be as differentiating as any product feature or benefit. It’s important to regularly survey your customers to ensure your service is everything they want it to be.[3]

A Metric with Many Benefits

Customer satisfaction is a metric that makes business sense. In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent said that they found a customer satisfaction metric ‘very useful’ in managing the business.[4] It can be used to reduce customer churn, predict consumer repurchase intent and lifetime value, and gauge customer loyalty.

So celebrate Customer Service week this October. Honor your team and encourage them deliver a higher level of brand excellence. You’ll be glad you did, 365 days a year.

To learn more about delivering a memorable customer experience—and to find out more about how our incentives work to delight customers, visit Incentives.Restaurant.com.



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