Converting BJ’s Wholesale Club Shoppers into Members


BJ’s Wholesale Club, based in Eastern United States, offers bulk discounts to consumers and businesses on just about everything, from baked beans to computer equipment. As with most warehouse companies, BJ’s keeps prices very low—so low, they are barely above cost. Which makes membership fees a vital component of the company’s business model.


To boost membership, BJ’s ran a successful acquisition campaign with an irresistible incentive: a free 3-month trial membership. They invited new customers to see how much a membership would save them. And it worked!

However, the club faced a conversion challenge when the trial periods ended—shoppers were reluctant to pay the $50 or $100 annual fee.

The company offered variety of incentives to convert trial memberships, including discounting their already-rock-bottom prices, yet couldn’t solve their conversion problem. Until they found a winning recipe: $50 Cards.

The $50 Cards are enticing to Customers

  • The dining savings equate with the $50 annual fee
  • Dining out is something everybody loves to do

The $50 Cards are effective for BJ’s

  • The company paid far less than the card’s $50 value
  • com customized the incentive program for BJ’s conversion strategy and operations

Best of all, the cards delivered immediate results: conversion rates from trial to paid membership increased dramatically. The Cards were so successful, the wholesale club started offering the cards without the free trial in membership drives across the chain.

Want to learn more about BJ’s acquisition and conversion? Please read the complete case study here.

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