Cool Fundraisers for Your School or Non Profit


Coming up with cool fundraisers for your school or nonprofit organization can be a challenge easily overcome by planning and fundraising help from quality companies that specialize in fundraising programs.

As one of these companies, we at can be a great resource in offering ways to increase conversion rates and get more people to donate or buy your product so that your organization will be well on its way to raising much needed funds.

Our fundraising program offers gifts cards that are valued at a particular dollar amount and then sold by your students or organization members. For instance, if you choose a $50 gift card for your fundraising promotion, your members sell it for $20 and then keep up to $10 in profit for every sale. The profits can mount up very quickly as just about everyone loves a good night out enjoying fine dining with friends or family members.

With over 18,000 participating restaurants nationwide, our fundraising gift cards can be sold to anyone, anywhere in the U.S., and we even offer an online redemption option for those family and friends who live far away that would like to help your school or organization as well.

Gifts cards for dining out will be used much more frequently than candy or gift wrap paper so your donors will find them much more valuable. You and your volunteers will appreciate the streamlined process for running this fundraising campaign since it minimizes the amount of time needed for taking orders and distributing the cards to supporters. Contact us today to learn more about how we can add value to your school or organization’s fundraising goals.