Dine@Home: Meeting Demand for Delivered Gourmet Foods


One of the hottest new dining trends at Restaurant.com isn’t in restaurants. More and more, consumers are skipping the grocery store and ordering meal kits and gourmet and specialty foods that can be enjoyed at home…and cost less than going out. (1)

To leverage this trend, Restaurant.com now includes home delivery providers through its new Dine@Home collection—an attractive new redemption option.

Dine@Home greatly expands the reach for Restaurant.com business customers as the goods can be delivered to zip codes across the nation. In fact, this expansion gives Restaurant.com Card recipients a choice of more than 62,000 restaurants and providers.

It’s a high-demand category for a powerful target market. Approximately 2.5 million adults in the U.S. have used an at-home gourmet service. And they’re in a sweet target market, as users range from 18 to 44 and tend to have annual incomes of more than $75,000. (2) They are also largely college-educated, dual income earners with no kids that live in and around major metro areas. (1).

About Dine@Home. It’s a collection of meal kits, gourmet treats and artisan gift baskets that’s readily available through the Restaurant.com home page—it’s a new redemption option for customers with Restaurant.com Cards.

The dining deals pioneer entered this category with Edible Arrangements® and quickly received demand for expansion. Dine@Home now includes more than 30 options (and growing!), including LobsterGram.com, MagiKitchen.com, Foody Direct and the Vegan Garden. To browse the current offering, click on the Dine@Home tab on the Restaurant.com homepage.

Today’s diners want new and exciting recipes without taking the time to plan meals, search for ingredients and cook from scratch. (1) The Dine@Home collection answers that call…and makes Restaurant.com Business Incentives even more appealing to businesses—and their consumers.

To learn more about Dine@Home or Restaurant.com Business Incentives, please contact the incentives experts via email incentivesinfo@restaurant.com or by calling 1 (888) 745-6989.

(1) The $5 Billion Dollar Battle for the American Dinner Plate
(2) Meal kit deliveries poised for growth