Five Ways to Use in your Mother’s Day Promo


Mother’s Day commercials suggest that sending a generic bouquet is sufficient for the mama bear in your life.  But does something you can blindly order online really reflect the gratitude and appreciation you have for your leading lady?APR4_shutterstock_134343251

As a business, how do you attract Mother’s Day shoppers who want to do something a little different?  You extend a little nod and say, “We appreciate what you’re trying to do in order to make your Mother’s Day extra special and would like to reward your efforts in the process!”

Here are five ways can help your business stand out this Mother’s Day!

1.  Offer Early Shoppers a Free Gift Card

In order to attract early Mother’s Day shoppers to your business this year before the competition gets too hot, host a promotion in which the first several shoppers receive free Gift Cards. Offering a Gift Card with purchase to the first, say, 50 or 100 customers, is a great alternative to discounting your prices or offering free shipping – tactics that typically cut into profitability without lifting sales.

2.  Host a Contest on Social Media

Having an interactive social media presence is vital to increasing sales during major holidays. To make Mother’s Day extra fun for your fans, ask fans to post their favorite Mother’s Day memory to your Facebook page during a certain period of time.  You can then select a winner based on criteria you set.  For example: funniest Mother’s Day pic, most retro Mother’s Day pic or most touching Mother’s Day pic.  The winner(s) would receive a free Gift Card to enjoy.  This type of contest will keep your brand top-of-mind when shoppers consider where to purchase their Mother’s Day gift this year.

3.  Give Customers the Chance To Win an In-Store Raffle

Holding gift card drawings for your paying customers is a great way to get people excited about physically coming into your store.  After a customer makes a purchase, they can enter their information for the chance to win a Gift Card to enjoy with their families.  Remember, you can always email winners our electronic gift certificates (rather than mail a physical gift card) and utilize email addresses for future marketing efforts!

4.  Retain New Customers By Rewarding Those Who Share Their Email Address

One of the difficulties caused by customers that come in during the holidays, especially one as specific as Mother’s Day, is the fact that they may come for their “perfect gift for Mom” and never come back.  A good way to make continued contact with your once-in-awhile customers is to offer a free gift in exchange for their email address.  The customer will view your business as very generous, offering what they see as valuable for almost nothing on their part, and you gain the opportunity to maintain contact and, hopefully, build customer loyalty.

5.  Offer a Free Gift with Purchase

If you’ve been reading our blog over the past few months, you know that this is one of our favorite holiday promotions.  Why do we love it so much?  Because we know it works.  This tactic not only rewards previously loyal customers who would look to your store regardless of holiday-specific deals, but may provide a nice incentive for first-time buyers too.

Consider bundling some of your most popular products and offering a free Gift Card with that bundle.  Or, you could offer a free Gift Card with a $50 or $100 purchase.

Whether you shower your customers with gift cards as soon as they come through your doors, run a fun social media contest or offer loyal customers more selective deals, is available to help you woo your Mother’s Day customers this year and for years to come!