Five Ways You Could Use Gift Cards in a Father’s Day promo


shutterstock_131318981Another holiday is upon us and that means many businesses are scrambling to come up with a good promotion.  We’ve been there and we can help.  Luckily, gift cards complement Father’s Day promotions especially well.  Here are five Father’s Day Promo ideas to get you started!

1. Host a “Father of the Year Contest” with Gift Cards as the prize

Contests are a great way to get customers involved with your brand.  To run an effective contest through your Facebook page or website, check out the Wildfire App. This tool requires participants to like your Facebook page, enter their email address and provide a written or photo submission with their entry.  Participants can then vote for and share their favorite “Father of the Year” story, and the winner will receive a grand prize.

Or, if you want to increase participation, you could reward each person who enters a Gift Card.  Remember that Gift Cards can be purchased for much less than face value, making it a valuable prize for both you and your participants.

2. Create Father’s Day Bundles that include Gift Cards

People love buying in bundles because they are easy and complete!  Put together complementary products so customers can quickly pick out a gift “package.” Be sure to offer two-three different price points to appeal to various budgets.

Rather than offering a discount and losing profit margin on your bundles, add a free Gift Card instead.  We’ve seen a lot of success from brands that have offered Gift Card as add-ons.  Since Father’s Day celebrations often include going out to eat, both the recipient and the gift giver can enjoy not only a physical gift, but an experience too.

3. Reward Product Trials with Gift Cards

Increase “test drives,” trials, applicants and/or first-time customers this Father’s Day season with the help of Our experience has shown that adding Gift Cards will drive action more than offering (yet another) discount. In exchange for the incentive, ask for your prospects’ contact information and opinion, then use their feedback to drive future conversations.

4. Run a Sweepstakes

Spice things up this year and offer something that will grab your audience’s attention (and their info too!). For example, $500 worth of Gift Cards.  In exchange for the grand prize, ask people to share your link, provide a testimonial or try your product out.  You’ll boost sales, get new people into your sales funnel and add value this Father’s Day!

5. Offer a free Gift Card with a minimum purchase

If your goal is to increase the amount of each sale this Father’s Day, consider adding a Gift Card to motivate your customers to spend a bit more with you.  This is a great alternative to discounting or offering free products.  In addition, it should get people talking about your business.

I hope this post gave you some great Father’s Day promotion ideas. As you can see, Gift Cards are the perfect complement to your holiday promotions. For more promotion ideas, check out our case studies then leave us your questions and comments below!