Getting People To Give


Fundraising has never been an easy task but in today’s tumultuous economy, it can sometimes feel like pushing an elephant up a large, steep hill. Gone are the days when money flowed easily and major donors were a dime a dozen.  Today, charities of all shapes and sizes have to work hard for their money. 

Harder in fact, than they ever have before.

But, in spite of increased competition for consumers’ dollars, there are also many new and exciting ways to attract attention and stand out on the fundraising front.  More and more nonprofit agencies, school organizations and others are discovering the power of incentives as one of the best fundraising solutions and most effective ways to generate interest and motivate generosity among the general public. Be it a tootsie roll given out at a street corner or storefront to encourage consumers to part with their loose change to a more elaborate enticement like fancy trips and fine furs used at formal galas and live auctions to bring in big dollars, nonprofits are now waking up to the fact that if you want fundraising results, you need to offer people something they truly want. 

When a nonprofit puts their customer first, and chooses promotional incentives that are motivating and considered valuable to their target audience, they will be much more likely to achieve impressive fundraising results.

Nonprofits that tap into these insights and deliver consumer-oriented incentive programs are the ones that are gaining ground on the donor front. They are applying principles that for-profit companies and advertising and sales promotion agencies have understood all along.  If you give people a little something extra, or reward desirable behavior, people are considerably more likely to do what you ask of them, be it to buy a product, try a service, or simply make a donation to a worthy cause. 

And, don’t forget those who are working hard on behalf of your fundraising effort. Incentives can also be an effective way to thank volunteers, or energize or motivate a team to achieve defined goals.  By giving individuals or groups something extra in exchange for hard work, you’ll build momentum and make a measurable difference in the amount you raise.