Good Causes: Good for Business


When your business gives to organizations in your community, it’s good for your customers and ultimately for your bottom line. There are a variety of ways to use Cards to make a difference—and build your brand. 


What You Get From Giving to Charity

When your business gives to charity, it’s relevant to your revenue. While there’s not an instantaneous payback, if you connect only a few dots, you’ll see how thoughtful support of fundraising events in your community pays off. Participation in charitable programs can generate goodwill, connect you more deeply to your current customers and interested prospects, and build a stronger brand. And that’s invaluable when it comes to growing sales.

How do you pick a cause?

Here are some factors that are important when you decide what charitable endeavors your business should support.

Be sure the cause is relevant to your customers’ lives. Start by looking locally. Your community is where you do business. A nonprofit organization that does good work in your area is one that’s going to connect with your target market. That’s typically where charitable giving makes the most business sense.

Make it personal. Perhaps there’s an illness or condition that someone close to you battles. Or, if you have neighbors who do amazing things at the local animal shelter, you’ll know that the cause is worthwhile. Keep fundraising close to home…so doing good feels good.

Think about your employees, too. They’ll take pride in being associated with a generous, community-minded company. Find out if the business can give to their favorite causes, and watch morale rise even higher.

How do you choose an incentive to give to your charity?

The keyword is: choice. An incentive that lets recipients follow their own tastes and preferences is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Cards are a great example of a customizable incentive. Everybody likes to dine out, and card recipients can choose from 22,000 restaurants nationwide. They can also choose when they use these prizes, because Cards never expire.

How do you give Cards? Cards contribute to great standalone fundraising programs. Your business purchases a quantity of cards to donate to the organization. The nonprofit organization’s committee sets their resale price and keeps all the proceeds.

Here’s how you—and your chosen nonprofit group—can use smaller quantities of Cards:

1. Add cards to goody bags, also known as ‘swag bags,’ for every guest at a special event

2. Use in raffle and silent auction prizes, especially in food- or travel-themed packages

3. Reward a fundraising program’s top achievers, like the 10k walk participants with the biggest pledge totals

4. Honor and appreciate volunteers with a thank-you gift

No matter which ways you choose to give, the donations will make your customers and your organization feel good about your brand. And that’s sure to benefit your business.

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