Great Fundraisers with Gift Cards


The silent auction has quietly taken the nonprofit scene by storm as one of the most favored ideas for fundraising activities. The concept takes everyone’s enthusiasm about bidding on an auction and added the intrigue of secret bidding where hundreds of other bidders wait in anticipation to learn if they have actually won their favored item.

Auctioning gifts, trips and other valuable and fun items to raise money for nonprofits is an entertaining way to engage patrons, generate buzz about a particular cause and let people walk off with a lot of nice items for relatively much lower prices than retail. The non-profit makes money and attendees feel like they have won a deal.

Some companies donate gift items as a marketing promotion strategy knowing full well that those who patronize these events will often frequent advertising donor’s places of business as well. It is a strategy that pays off time and again. Businesses get recognition in the community, and the nonprofit organization earns money for their cause. Gift Cards make great fundraisers by themselves and they can also play a role in your next auction or fundraiser. Whether used as a raffle item or in a gift basket with other goodies to be auctioned off, bidders love to win our gift cards. Knowing that there are over 18,000 restaurants nationwide to choose from make them highly desirable items to win.

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