How Leading Marketers Use Incentives


Four thousand of the world’s top marketers provided insights on every touchpoint in the customer experience. Overwhelmingly, marketing leaders look to incentives as part of a cohesive customer journey that leads to customer satisfaction, the number one success metric for marketers today.

An expansive 2016 report from Salesforce reveals what high-performing marketers are doing to stay ahead in challenging times. It covers B2C, B2B, and B2B2C marketing through multiple channels, including mobile, email, social, and digital advertising.

To help you create an effective incentive strategy for your business, we analyzed the report to see how marketers utilize incentives. We found these five key takeaways and the insights that support them:

1. Incentives effectively support the customer experience across organizations.

Insights: Incentives work at many touchpoints. 58% of high-performing marketers deliver customer satisfaction initiatives across the entire business, recognizing that sales and customer service touchpoints help deliver a unified experience.

2. Incentives are flexible tools that can contribute to satisfaction all along the customer journey, supporting customer acquisition and revenue growth, too.

Insights: Incentives address marketers’ top priority, customer satisfaction, the number one success metric. 35% of marketers rank customer satisfaction as the top measure of success.

3. Custom incentive programs, especially those that can be personalized with brand identity, meet key marketing goals.

Insights: Incentives increase customer engagement, an increasingly important goal. High-performing marketers rate customer engagement—creating a personalized experience—nearly as important as brand awareness (34% vs. 37%).

4. Incentives can strengthen digital marketing efforts, especially when the incentives can be fulfilled electronically.

Insights: Real-time channel orchestration lends to the use of incentives: Of high-performing marketers who have integrated digital marketing into their overall plans, 95% rate the integrations as very effective or effective.

5. Customizable incentives delivered via email can help drive revenue.

Insights: Email personalization capabilities are driving higher revenues, with 49% of marketers saying email is directly linked to their business’ primary revenue source–up from 20% just one year ago.

In conclusion, incentives that are flexible, digital and brand-able are highly effective for an incredible range of marketing strategies and goals. We invite you to read the complete Salesforce report, here.

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