Incentives That Hit the Road


How do you get your customers to pack your brand in their bags? With the new Dine + Travel Pass incentive package that encourages higher spend, rewards loyalty and attracts new customers. It’s an incentive that goes the distance.

Dine & Travel Pass image

Go on Vacation with Your Customers

‘Vacation’ is one of the best words in the English language. Recent research shows that 78% of people believe they need vacations to prevent burnout, 75% think vacations improve their job performance when they get back, and 68% think their vacation time contributes to their improved creativity.

Travel is a deeply satisfying experience, and it’s unforgettable. Your customers will certainly remember that you helped them save big on their vacation, with the new Dine + Travel Pass incentive exclusively from

While your customers spend more with you, they save more on the excitement of visiting new destinations and checking out the local dining scene along the way.

Vacation dining

Restaurant dining and travel go together like a fork and a knife. is the dining deal pioneer, with more than 62,000 restaurants and providers nationwide and nearly 50 more added every day. The new Dine + Travel Pass bundles a Card with a Travel Savings Card, which offers meaningful discounts at more than 400,000 top brand hotel and resort properties, and 8,000 nationwide rental car locations.

It’s easy for businesses to boost response with the $150 Dine + Travel Pass. Customers will be rewarded with $100 savings at top-brand hotels, car rental agencies. Plus, they’ll save $50 off the final bill at participating restaurants nationwide. Businesses can offer these generous rewards packages and pay just a fraction of the face value.

$50 RDCTravel Savings Card

Because of that impressive total face value–either $150 or $400–the Dine + Travel Pass is ideal for upscale businesses that do higher-end transactions. For example, it’s ideal for home remodeling contractors to reward referrals, for car dealers to set appointments and for furniture retailers to offer spend-and-get promotions.

How it works for customers

A simple two-step redemption process makes it easy to hit the road. Customers receive travel dollars in an online account on the Travel Savings Card site, and use a combination of real dollars and virtual travel dollars for booking. Then, they redeem for dining or through the mobile app by selecting from 20,000 partners nationwide.

How it helps business succeed

Everyone loves to eat. Everyone enjoys vacation. You choose the customer behavior you want to motivate, and reward it with this universally appealing incentive. Customers will associate you with good times and good things. And when they come home, they’ll be more likely to work with you again, because they feel good about your business.