Loyalty Case Study: Rewarding Mobile Engagement


A leading wireless provider is changing the way we think about loyalty. They created a free mobile app for their customers to increase engagement and reward behavior. Partnering with top retail brands, they provide customers with free gifts and a chance to win epic prizes each week. Simply download the free mobile app and sign in to participate—no strings attached.

To increase mobile app downloads and participation, they partner with brands that are both relevant and desirable to their customer base. They invite new and existing customers to download their mobile app and link it to their wireless account. Each week, they promote new and popular gifts for customers through the mobile app and social media.

Increase mobile app downloads and participation. The wireless provider sought rewards that appeal to a broad audience and are easy to redeem.

They partnered with Restaurant.com to offer a $25 eGift Card redeemable at more than 22,000 restaurants and providers nationwide. Restaurant.com provided a seamless integration to allow customers to receive the gift in app and redeem instantly on a mobile device.

The campaign generated a significant response — more than 25% redemptions for Restaurant.com eGift Cards. The campaign was also extremely cost-effective, giving the wireless provider a significant discount for the cards’ $25 value.

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