Snapfish by HP Continues to Have Great Results with

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The Objective
Snapfish was looking for consumer incentive promotions capable Snapfish Logoof increasing order frequency as well as average order value. Gift Cards seemed like a natural fit for Snapfish’s target customers — educated, internet savvy moms in the 25-40 age range.

The Solution
Snapfish devised several tests to determine whether using Gift Cards as an incentive could drive more orders and increase average order size. The first test offered customers a $25 Gift Card free with any purchase. In a second round of testing, the active target customer base was split into two test groups. Group A was offered a $25 Gift Card free with any purchase, while Group B was offered a $25 Gift Card free with a purchase greater than $25.

The Results
The conversion rate for the test segments were nearly double the conversion rate for three other offers tested by Snapfish. What’s more, the test group with the $25+ qualifying order size had twice the conversion rate of its no-minimum counterpart. Snapfish Customers were excited about the incentive and responded well. Snapfish test results verified that Gift Cards could drive more orders while increasing average order size. The incentive was also found to be very effective in building the bottom line which led Snapfish to expand the program to include additional customers.

Snapfish by HP continues to use Gift Cards as a reliable customer acquisition and retention incentive.
About Snapfish: Snapfish, a division of HP, is the number one online photo service with 2 billion unique photos stored online and more than 70 million members in over 20 countries.

Dinner & Movie is a Great Consumer Incentive

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In a marketplace full of gift card incentives, Dinner & Movie™ stands out by offering consumers something more than just the gift card’s dollar value – Dinner & Movie™ offers the excitement of seeing a feature film and enjoying a fantastic meal. Each recipient can redeem Dinner & Movie™ Gift Cards for a $25 Gift Certificate and two movie tickets, an estimated $50 value. Whether you’re thanking customers, attracting new ones, or recognizing employees, Dinner & Movie™ Gift Cards make a powerful and lasting impact. Plus, it’s the high results solution you’ve been looking for – with no hidden fees. Many clients use this great incentive to drive sales on specific products as well as to celebrate events with both customers and employees.

Small Businesses Use Gift Cards to Drive Sales and More

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The Objective
Small businesses regularly look for memorable, cost-effective, ways to keep their names in front of prospects and customers to promote their business and drive client loyalty.

The Solution
Business owners are able to thank their existing customers, generate referrals and increase sales with Gift Certificates. These businesses come from virtually every industry and to stay “top-of-mind” with their customers, they use Gift Certificates as incentives or as prizes in random gift drawings.

The Results
Influenced by the positive results, many business owners have ordered additional Gift Certificates. Enjoying favorable customer responses, one real estate agent ranked the gift certificate giveaway as her most successful promotion, noting “a 100% visitor rate increase at open houses”.

A travel agent stated that his customers greatly appreciated the Gift Certificates as a thoughtful post-vacation “welcome home” gift. To further market his business, this owner had his business’ Gift Certificates personalized with his photograph, name and contact information. It has helped him in building customer relationships.

Perfect for:
• Promotions
• Open Houses
• Business Branding
• Referrals
• Rewards
• Trade Shows
• Grand Openings
• Holiday Gifts

Scotts LawnService uses Gift Certificates to Increase Customer Retention

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The Objective
Scotts LawnService was looking to develop a customer retention program that would alsoscotts logo increase their email database. Additionally, Scotts LawnService wanted to convert customers to use their easy online bill pay option.

The Solution
Scotts LawnService offered a $25 Gift Certificate to entice consumers to register online. This promotion used the call-to-action “…Register now at and receive a free $25 Gift Certificate…” They also offered a $25 Gift Certificate as an additional incentive to increase sign-ups for their EasyPay online billing option. This incentive program used the call-to-action, “…Receive an additional $25 gift certificate when you sign up for EasyPay!…”

The Results Gift Certificates were very well received. Offer recipients responded at a higher than expected rate. In fact, the retention program helped Scotts LawnService to effectively exceed their program objective by over 400%. Scotts LawnService was so delighted with both programs that they successfully launched a Father’s Day promotion with Gift Certificates and are continuing to execute additional customer acquisition and retention programs with
About Scotts Miracle-Gro Company:
The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (NYSE: SMG) is the world’s largest marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products, with a full range of products for professional horticulture as well.

Compendium uses Gift Cards to Increase New Business Appointments

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The Objective

Compendium Gift Card

Compendium was looking for a highly-responsive, cost-effective method that would spark interest in their business marketing tools. In-turn, they sought to improve response rates to their lead generation direct mail program.

Brand promotion through Gift Cards would assist Compendium in securing business development meetings with prospective clients; thereby potentially leading to an increase in new business.

The Solution 

Compendium worked with to develop custom co-branded gift cards that could be redeemed for $25 gift certificates to thousands of restaurants nationwide.

Due to the nationwide footprint of the Restaurant Partner base, Compendium did not have to be concerned with developing multiple regional promotions. Instead, they created a single direct mail campaign to bring awareness to their services.

To capture the recipient’s attention, each direct mail piece included a co-branded $25 Gift Card.

The Results 

The Gift Card promotion increased the closing rate of Compendium’s new business meetings by over 6%. During conversations with prospective clients, Compendium representatives repeatedly heard, “The Gift Card was really creative and it got my attention!”

This gift card promotion has now become the control offer for all of Compendium’s prospecting direct mail campaigns.

About Compendium: Founded in 2007, Compendium is a social content distribution software that provides businesses and organizations a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to create, manage and publish search friendly and social media content for customer acquisition.