Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Clubs


With schools feeling the squeeze of budget constraints and program cutbacks, it is becoming increasingly important for PTA, school clubs and organizations to come up with quick and easy fundraising ideas to raise necessary dollars for important activities. If the idea of selling more chocolate bars or gift wrap leaves your school’s PTA with a feeling of despair and desperation, then finding great fundraisers may be on your emergency to-do list before school gets back into session.

Easy Fundraising IdeasParents and students give their best efforts to sell everything that comes their way when it means having funding for extracurricular activities such as band trips or field days. Some schools even need help with buying books and curriculum. But often, parents wish for a fundraiser that their office associates and friends can really use without the guilt of purchasing too much candy, popcorn or junk food that can drastically affect waistlines.

The Restaurant.com Gift Card fundraiser can give everyone something they really love. Access to great local restaurants nationwide with no expiration date makes the Restaurant.com fundraiser one that will be successful for your school or non-profit organization. Everyone likes to dine out so they appeal to a broad section of the community with significant savings to the wallet.

The great thing about these $50 gift cards is they are sold for only $20 and your organization or club keeps up to $10 for each one sold. What a great way to quickly earn large amounts of money without a lot of effort! Contact us today for more information about nonprofit online fundraising and to see how we can help stretch your supporter dollars while also raising funds for your organization.