The human condition offers us all the opportunity to choose many elements in our lives. Okay, we know we can’t choose our parents, how tall we are or other genetic variables. But where we live, the jobs we pursue, the people we date and almost an infinite list of other items are prompted for us to choose in our lives. All of these considerations lead me to this question: when do we choose the simplest option?

Sometimes the simple option is considered to be the “low road” while the “higher road” might be the one that offers the challenge or the opportunity to overcome certain barriers or hurdles.  That seems noble, doesn’t it?  The thought of not taking the easy way out and going about things the harder way can help us build character and makes us stronger.  Right?

Sure, that can be the case on major life decisions and moral issues in our lives, but let’s face it: Americans, in general, want is EASY.  The shortest way; the fastest route; the easiest job; the quickest cash – it all sounds amazingly sweet!   Books on tape, drive through windows, remote start for our cars… it’s all done to increase our convenience and avoid the hassle.

When you’re thinking about rewarding or incentivizing employees or customers, giving them an option that’s hard to implement isn’t going to get you anywhere.  Think about ease of activation, the simplest way for them to enjoy what you are bestowing upon them.  You’d never reward someone with a bicycle in a box. It’s got to be put together so it can hit the road and start collecting miles under its wheels. gives you an out-of-the-box solution that’s built and ready to go.  It’s as simple as you want it to be.

There’s nothing wrong with a good challenge to stir the spirit.  Just make sure that you’re challenging yourself and not those you’re looking to reward.