Social Networking And Recognition


Has your company established its presence online?  Do you have Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts in order? Are you using them to their fullest? One of the ways you can harness these social networking accounts to your advantage is by using them for the acknowledgment of your employees’ performance.

Reduce Promotional CostFor instance, if one of your employees has been doing really well, it is your duty to acknowledge his contribution to the company. Giving him a gift card as a business recognition or a similar recognition gift is great. It makes the recipient feel that the company appreciates his efforts and he’s motivated to perform even better.


You can go a step ahead and carry this company recognition on to social networking platforms. It doesn’t hurt your image to acknowledge the performance of your employee publicly. In fact, it will do your employee a whole lot of good and will improve your standing in the eyes of those who you are connected to on those social platforms.


Of the several recognition options available, research has found that gift cards are the most effective. Gift Cards have been the answer to most companies’ business recognition programs needs. Get in touch with us for more information.