Why Everybody Wants Gift Cards


At Restaurant.com, we know how much people love gift cards – it’s why we have a
business. Whether it’s filling empty seats at a restaurant or building brand loyalty for a client, gift cards have become a powerful strategy for businesses. Why gift cards? Simply put: Because people love them. Here are 5 reasons why:

1.  Gift cards give freedom.MAR4_shutterstock_117654439

Because gift cards allow the recipient to use their gift at any time, the recipient can choose to redeem their gift card during a time where they see the most value. For example, recipients may use their gift cards during a sale, during the holidays or on a rainy day.

2.  Recipients get to choose what they like, including trying a new product/service.

Gift cards offer an opportunity for consumers to try new brands, products and services. Recipients may not have been aware of the brand or have wanted to try somewhere new but hadn’t yet taken the opportunity to do so. This is particularly beneficial in the case of restaurants because people love to try new restaurants.

3.  Brands can personalize gift cards with their logo.

Gift cards that offer an opportunity to put your brand and messaging (co-branding) on them provide extra value to your business.  As a business, you can give customers a gift for another non-competing product or service while still keeping your own brand top of mind.  Your customers will be reminded where the great experience they are enjoying came from, thus building loyalty for your brand.

4.  Some gift cards can be purchased for less than face value.

At Restaurant.com, for example, we offer special rates for businesses purchasing gift cards in bulk. Businesses can purchase enough cards for large groups of people without reaching too deep into their pockets.  Plus, the recipients will only see the face value of the gift card – they’ll never know you paid less!

5. A gift card is never useless.

If the recipient doesn’t have any personal use for the gift card, chances are they know someone who does. So even if our direct recipient doesn’t have use for the card, they can re-gift it to someone who can make better use of it. Not a bad way to “pay it forward!”

According to giftcardexchangeday.com, gift cards have been the most requested holiday item on holiday wish lists since 2007. With statistics like that, your brand will benefit from including gift card giving in its marketing strategies.


                  How do you think issuing gift cards can benefit your brand?