Will a Restaurant.com Incentive Work for my Business?


Of course it will! Whether you are a family-run business or a large corporation, our unique incentive and loyalty solutions are proven to entice customers to act. With our low cost and high value solution, the powerful incentive from Restaurant.com has helped thousands of businesses meet and exceed their goals. From attracting new customers, changing consumer behavior, inspiring buyers to act quickly, and rewarding for loyalty, our partners have achieved great results.

If you haven’t already done so, it is now time to plan your marketing program to drive the results. The key to success is to set a clear objective and measure the results. Here are a few case studies we’ve developed from successes from our clients’ programs with Restaurant.com. Based on nearly ten years of experience, we advise our partners on these three most common objectives to achieve results using Restaurant.com as a reward or incentive.


Attract New Customers. New customers are the lifeblood of any healthy company. We  suggest you incent first-time customers with a Restaurant.com Card for behaviors such as requesting a quote, testing a product, or to make that first purchase from your business.

• Learn how a large lender succeeded in attracting new customers and exceeding their goal through a “refer a friend” campaign that brought in more than 35,000 new members. Read Sallie Mae Case Study >

• Learn how a national fitness chain boosted their target lists and increased foot traffic at enrollment open houses. Read Lifetime Fitness Case Study >


Drive Sales. To boost slumping sales, fend off your competition, or relieve inventory pressures, short and long term sales lift is an ideal use of the Restaurant.com incentive. We have enjoyed watching our clients use the program as a driver to incite purchase of a specific item or accelerate customers to act before a deadline.

• Learn how a leading eCommerce company used the Restaurant.com Card to deliver twice the conversion rate of any other incentive. Read Snapfish Case Study >

• Learn how a success story enjoyed by a major retailer’s promotion that delivered $30 million in sales grew from a small test. Read Staples Case Study >


Reward Customer Loyalty. Now that you have earned customers, we can help you keep them. Rewarding customers for loyalty, frequency of purchase, or increasing their average spend it just the beginning of showing them how much you care. Here is how other companies have increased loyalty with a Restaurant.com reward.

• Learn the secret of how a major electrical utility used the Restaurant.com program to increase online enrollments by 94%. Read Center Point Energy Case Study >

• Learn how the Restaurant.com program has become the #1 non-travel redemption choice for the premier air miles membership for United Airlines. Read United Mileage Plus Case Study >

Do you have questions or want to learn more about using Restaurant.com to incent or reward customers? Contact your Account Manager or reach us at incentives@restaurant.com.