Wrap Incentives into Holiday Deals to Boost Year-End Business


It may be warm outside, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here in a blink. Before business gets busy, now is THE time to turn your holiday wish list into an incentive action plan.

Incentives boost holiday campaigns. With so much competition out there, they help your business rise above the rest.


From doorbuster gifts to first-time customer bonuses, holiday incentives allow your business to reap results well into the New Year.

Consider these objectives when planning incentive promotions.

Earn and Keep New Customers

Holidays naturally bring new business. In addition to offering incentives to get first-time customers through the door, plan ahead.

Collect useful contact information from new patrons by offering incentives in return. Then, after the holidays, use this information to market to this audience.

Re-Activate Past Customers

Use holiday incentives to bring back inactive customers. Create an offer just for your dormant users. After all, it’s roughly 50 percent[1] easier to earn repeat business than acquire a new customer.

Think long-term. Don’t limit yourself to Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Start early with web and social media promotions starting in October and plan an early Thanksgiving week promotion, a trend we saw take hold in 2015. From there, consider multi-day campaigns in December, or give Christmas shoppers incentives to come back to you in January.

Reward Behavior

‘Tis the season to care for your best customers. Reward power-buyers with a Christmas bonus, in the form of an incentive that they’ll use (and remind them of you) after the holidays are past.

You may also consider incentives for those who buy online. Non-store holiday sales grew 9 percent last year to $105 billion[2]. Stand out with a mobile or online-only offer with an exclusive feel.

Revitalize Past Promos

Review last year’s Christmas marketing and analyze why business spiked or slumped.

Before making changes, try asking clients who disappeared during Christmas pasts why they fell away—and if you can’t ask, then take a good look at your past promotions and your competition. Target your relapsed customers with holiday incentive campaigns with the goal of being their holiday go-to.

Surprise and Delight

It’s the perfect time to surprise any of your customers at random. A feel-good gift increases perceived value and strengthens your relationship, creating cheer all year long.

Another way to surprise is by giving to good causes in customers’ names. Create a holiday social media campaign—and a hashtag, (such as #SeasonofGiving,) and donate a dollar to a popular local charity for every user who shares your posts.

Whether you need to thrill existing customers or find new ones, now is the time get in the holiday spirit! It’s not too late to plan your holiday incentive campaigns to meet and exceed your goals…and ring in a busy New Year.

Learn more about incentive strategies at Incentives.Restaurant.com.


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